Tonic water is a moderately sweetened carbonated drink that also includes quinine. It has a fizzy, bitter, sweet, and sour flavor that makes it a great mixer for beverages. Quinine was once given as a malaria treatment, and masking its bitter taste with carbonated water and sugar was a common practice. Tonic water was conceived! It was first commercially distributed in 1858.

The amount of quinine in today’s tonic water is far lower than in the past, and it is safe to drink. The substance is used in classic cocktails not only to dilute the whiskey with bubbles but also to impart a specific flavor note. In the 1850s, the availability of tonic water coincided with the introduction of the Gin and Tonic. Get your premium drink mixers here.

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Is it safe to have high doses of quinine?

Is the quinine content of tonic water safe? Yes. Quinine is a chemical found in the bark of the cinchona tree, which is indigenous to South America. It was originally developed as a malaria treatment, however, it has certain negative side effects like nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and more serious side effects.

But the amount of quinine in today’s tonic water is completely safe to consume! The level of quinine is regulated by law, which allows it to have no more than 83 parts per million. So don’t be concerned.

Here are some of the Top Drinks with tonic water:

  • Gin and Tonic is a classic cocktail.

A gin and tonic, please! Its crisp, floral flavor is simple but interesting at the same time: a feat with only two ingredients! It’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

  • Tonic with Vodka

The vodka tonic is another popular drink made with tonic water. The tonic water and vodka combine to make a zingy, easy-to-drink cocktail.

  • Tonic with Whiskey

When it comes to tonic water, you might think of a Gin and Tonic or a Vodka Tonic. However, the sweet, effervescent carbonation complements the oaky, peppery whiskey well. In fact, especially in the summer, we enjoy diluting whiskey in this manner.

  • Tonic and Tequila

The Tequila and Tonic is your new favorite drink! If you replace the gin with tequila, you’ll have a whole different drink. It’s tangy and effervescent, with just the proper amount of tequila bite.

  • Tonic and rum

This rum-based version of the classic G&T is effervescent and light, with a hint of fruity rum on the aftertaste. It’s almost like a lightened-up Dark and Stormy, with less hot sweetness and more fascinating complexity. Rum and tonic is a tasty alternative to a G&T or Vodka Tonic.