Metabolism is a process in which the food you intake is converted into energy. The word metabolism is derived from the Greek word ‘metabole,’ meaning change. Metabolism is nothing, just how the food you have eaten goes through some chemical reaction where the enzymes break down the food. In this article, we will discuss the METABOLISM BOOSTER WORKOUT, where different sorts of exercises will be explained and how they boost metabolism inside a living body.

What is the need for metabolism in a living organism-

  • Metabolism is needed for the person to breathe
  • It is needed to circulate oxygen in blood throughout the body
  • One will face regular indigestion and constipation without a specific metabolism rate. If you have a reasonable metabolism rate, then the enzymes or digestive juices released in the stomach will be in good health

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  • Metabolism is needed for proper tissue and cell growth.
  • A reasonable metabolism rate is required to manage hormonal levels. If the hormones get misbalanced, then changes will take place inside your body, both physical and mental.
  • Maintaining body temperature, as if your metabolism rate is low, then your energy is low, so you will often feel sleepy, restless, and interested in doing things. If your energy is consistently elevated, then your metabolism is working fine.

 Exercises that will boost your metabolism-

  • Running lunges- this exercise focuses on the lower part of the body. Strengthens the hamstrings, adductors, glutes, etc. Increases strength and stability in the core area and the hips. This exercise helps build balance and coordination inside a person’s body. This heavy cardio exercise quickly increases heartbeat and blood flow, making you lose weight and increase metabolism.
  • Mountain climbers- this exercise focuses on your abs muscles. A high-intensity full-body workout helps to strengthen your core and also elevates your metabolism rate as, through this exercise, your heartbeat will increase, making you lose more calories.
  • Sprinter burpees- another full-body strength cardio workout. This exercise helps to increase your fitness and improves your running skill. A high intense exercise makes you lose more calories, elevates heart rate, and thus increases metabolism.
  • Fire-feet drill– a high-intensity cardio exercise that elevates your heart rate, increases the amount you sweat, and is effective in increasing metabolism. This exercise focuses on the calv, leges, and Achilles heel.


 The workouts mentioned above are effective in keeping you fit and healthy and are also important ones to increase the metabolism rate.