Regardless of the size of a bathroom, it can look cluttered if it doesn’t have enough storage space. The cleanliness of showers and sinks is vital to bathroom cleaning; however, even a clean bathroom can look uninviting if everyday products are scattered around. Make a mental list of items you would like to have in your bathroom. If this is a family bathroom, keep in mind the food you will need to keep out of the reach of children.

For example, the following important points should be considered:

  • Do you have enough space in your closet to store cosmetics and cleaning products?
  • Can storage of everyday items be better planned so that less used items don’t get in the way of access to those you use regularly?
  • Do you need storage cabinets that are easy to maintain in the bathroom? If so, have you checked that the cabinet’s finish is vapor-tight and that the hinges are rust-resistant?
  • Do you need a bathroom cabinet that can be locked to keep medicines and cleaning products out of the reach of children?

Now let’s see what different types of storage you can install in your bathroom. You must remember that bathroom storage space for various products is often limited. Still, with the right planning, you can have open shelves and units to display attractive bottles and cans, as well as space behind closed doors for useful items such as a toilet. Medicines here can also be hidden from view and inaccessible to young children.

bathroom storage

You may want to consider offline storage. Bathroom cabinets and freestanding shelving take up valuable floor space, which can be a problem in smaller rooms. If so, look for a cabinet that is raised off the floor so items can be placed underneath, or opt for a cabinet with glass shelves that will appear lighter.

Take advantage of places where toilets don’t fit to place a tall piece of furniture. Towels, soaps, and accessories can be beautifully displayed for all to see. The three-tier cart keeps towels, toiletries, hair care products, and cosmetics in a prominent place. It is easy to move it to the activity area where products are needed. Make sure the trolley can slide on the floor and that the drawers do not jam.

When you choose indoor storage, a cart with some covered cells may be more beneficial to allow bottles and cans of different heights to fit within the section boundaries. In addition, items stored in closed compartments are less susceptible to dust. Large items such as towels and cleaning products are best stored on lower shelves. Also, items that are often taken out for morning and evening use should be stored.


In addition to these storage spaces, you will also need towel racks or a crossbar shelf to hang your towel or clothes you need to put on or change.