In this digital era, it is possible to order anything we like through online with the help of simple electronic gadgets. Unlike, the electronics and other household product food delivery is always a tricky business to enter. It is indeed to be on time, to give many flavors and varieties and also a user-friendly interface is needed. Though, cakes were firstly baked in Europe, it becomes the unavoidable main figure of attraction in birthday parties, weddings, ceremonies, new years and all other gatherings throughout the entire world.


With around more than 50 different varieties of cakes and never-ending supply of demands, it is always a profitable business to do. And there will be no wastage on this business, because most of your orders are going to be on pre-order basis, unlike the traditional bakeries.

birthday cake home delivery

But it is not easy as it looks first, the people’s prejudice about the online delivery and the nearest availability of bakeries will be the first threat to this business. In addition to this, the delivering agencies and wrapping will be the make or break to your business. Even if you made a wonderful cake but, when it reaches the customer a single damage or dent will ruin your name.

If youable to join many homemakers who are good at baking and keen on baking cakes with your demanding suppliers you can make an ample amount of money. With the help of Google ads and enabling it to with your website or app, the higher traffic will also lead to ample amount of money.


You can also ask your customers extra money for providing some other services like portraying photos on the cakes, it is a high paying service. Online birthday cake home delivery business may sound risk and unprofitable for few years of starting but, if you are consistent and punctual on your orders, it will definitely be a well-paying full-time job.

Many homemakers who get lots of free time after the noon are ready to work if they know baking.If you are able to cultivate and motivate them to learn baking, it will improve their life standards and in return they can freelance baking for your business. Also it is quite flexible than the regular workers working for the bakeries and hotels. To cheer you up, the recent reports showing that in India it is estimated that the cake market is estimated to boom at the rate of 12.5% from 2018 to 2023. Use this demand and shine in it.