Your scaffolding solutions are finally here. It handles all the aspects of the following:

  • Design
  • Equipment rental
  • Erection
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance of scaffolding systems

All Trade Scaffolding offers you the services needed for your construction projects. For any of the services you need, you can have them here.

Scaffolding services

There are various scaffolding services offered for your construction projects, namely:

  • System scaffolding. Scaffolding services are ease-of-use, safer, and quick to set up than any other scaffolding products available online. Incorporating fall prevention methodology, more leads free from the hassle of scaffolding projects, and adaptable 360-degree connection.
  • Suspended scaffolding. The scaffolding services are specifically designed to manage the challenges to set up scaffolding at high elevations.
  • Elevator and hoist. When you need a scaffolding service for the below, you have the elevator and hoist:
  • General construction hoist
  • Industrial elevator
  • Material hoist
  • Transport platforms

All Trade Scaffolding

The scaffolding team helps determine the best support for a project.

  • Structural shoring. It provides a full-service shoring for:
  • Building expansion projects
  • New construction
  • Remodeling
  • Renovation

The custom temporary solutions will work regardless of the building type.

  • Construction site containment. There are various services offered in this containment scaffolding service:
  • nets and tarps for debris containment
  • project privacy
  • weather projection, etc.

The containment solution is suitable for your needs.

  • Construction trash chutes. It doesn’t matter the size of the project, the scaffolding solutions offer you:
  • Supplies
  • Designs
  • Installs trash
  • Water chutes

All these are helpful for construction and demolition projects. for your demolition and construction projects.

Scaffolding in Construction

Scaffolding has been widely used during renovation and construction activities. In the simplest form, the scaffold is any temporary suspended or elevated workspace used for supporting materials and/or workers. There are many types of scaffolds, both suspended and supported

Purpose of scaffolding

In building construction, a scaffold is a temporary platform that is used for elevating and supporting the materials and workers during:

  • construction
  • repair
  • cleaning

Scaffolding consists of one or more planks (convenient length and size) with different forms of support depending on the use and forms.

Four main types of scaffolding

Here throws you the four main types of scaffolding. Of the various types of scaffolding in building projects, there are four of them commonly used in building and construction projects.

  • Independent scaffolding. A scaffolding structure has both stands erect independently and sides of the walls without any support on the wall.
  • Single scaffolding. It is erected on a wall, on the side outside.
  • Double scaffolding. It is also erected on a wall, supported without the help of the wall using two sets of vertical poles.
  • Needle scaffolding. A scaffolding type where scaffolding that can’t be erected on the ground and kept at height. It is supported by cantilever needles that pass through the holes in the walls and are kept in position with the help of wedges and posts.

For your scaffolding building and construction needs, which scaffolding type do you need?