Once you have determined that the test is authentic, read the instructions on the kit carefully. They will tell you how much of theĀ Best synthetic urine to put into a bottle, what temperature it should be at, and how long it should be left in the bottle before your test. You should find an inconspicuous place to hide the bottle and leave it until your test. The temperature will need to remain pretty consistent for at least several hours until the time when you need it for your test. It is a good idea to bring a thermometer with you to test the temperature of the synthetic urine to ensure that it is at a safe level. If the urine is warmer than it should be, you will need to wait longer until you can take it out of your hiding place and use your fake pee. You can put your bottle into a small cooler with ice or frozen water bottles and leave it there until right before you need to use your synthetic urine.

The first step in using an artificial urine product is acquiring the fake pee kit. This can be done online or at many smoke shops, especially those that sell potpourri and accessories for pot smokers. This step aims to get a kit that looks and feels exactly like the real thing.

A quick word about shipping fake pee kits: You need to take it very seriously when ordering your synthetic urine kit, simply because so many different variables go into shipping fake pee kits. Every package has to be hand-inspected before it is delivered, meaning it can sometimes take a week or more for the package to arrive. This is why you should always place your order as soon as possible.

Synthetic Urine

To use an artificial urine product, you will need an empty PET plastic bottle and a temperature strip (optional). You will also need to get some heating pads and a little rubber masker upper, which is used to seal the cap onto the bottle. You will also need a thermometer.

The first step in using a fake urine product is heating it. Using a water bath to heat your synthetic pee would be best, as this gives you more control over the temperature (a microwave can be used but takes several minutes per every 20ml of fluid).

There are many different brands of heating pads, so make sure you have an idea of what amount of time it will take for your kit to reach the right temperature. The best way to figure this out is by using the temperature strip included in your fake pee kit.

Once you have the right temperature, place the heating pad over your bottle and wait until the heating pad has been at the right temperature for an appropriate amount of time. It’s important to remember that heat-sensitive products like this urine will take longer to reach the right temperature.