Medical cannabis is nothing new. People are beginning to realize how many practical medical uses medical cannabis offers. For suffering patients, there is now another alternative health care option that many feel provides the relief they are looking for, but without the side effects, adverse reactions, or interactions that are common with many prescription drugs.

Not every doctor can recommend marijuana for medical purposes

In the same way, it is not only the patient or person who will ask for it, regardless of their state of health. However, some states have also introduced efficiency programs not used for entertainment .All states with medical marijuana programs are highly regulated. The only way to access and become a part of these programs is to get your state’s medical marijuana recommendation.

While medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary is always a safe and effective treatment for many patients and conditions, a few precautions still need to be taken, just like with any other drug. Without recourse to consumer safety advice, no conversation about what to expect from medical cannabis would be complete. Please read the following highly recommended consumer advice and safety considerations when using medical cannabis for the first time.

Stick to the correct dose: Strict adherence to the prescribed dose is highly recommended for anyone who uses medical marijuana for the first time. Over time, the dose can be changed. However, at the initial stage, following the recommended dosages helps to control the treatment and better understand how you respond to its effects.

Be aware of the consequences: Depending on the person, the effects of using marijuana for the first time can differ. Some may feel the effect immediately, while others may have a natural tolerance. Some feel restless or paranoid, while others feel relaxed and euphoric. The expectation of using cannabis for medical purposes depends on strains, individual characteristics, and method of use.

Report side effects: Any adverse reactions or side effects while using medical cannabis should be reported to your doctor or Magu dispensary immediately. It includes if the dose is overwhelming to consume and becomes too potent. Method of consumption, strains, and doses can always be changed to ensure patient safety.

Don’t share with others: Sharing your medical marijuana herb with others or taking someone else’s weed is unsafe and illegal. Like any other prescription drug, medical cannabis can affect each person differently. Using medical marijuana to treat symptoms is a decision that should be made solely between the doctor and the patient.


Most first-time medical marijuana users often worry about prescribing a medication to treat their illness. They may not even know how to discuss it with family, friends, community members, or health care providers. Because cannabis use still has a particular perception or stigma, patients may feel embarrassed to ask questions. Feel free to ask and get the most out of medical cannabis!