In general, the pulp of teeth is with nerves and blood vessels. Bacteria can move into the surrounding jaw bone through the tip of the roots. It is during pulp injury or severe tooth decay, causing significant swelling, pus, discomfort, and fever. Swelling, discomfort when chewing and pain that does not go away with pain relievers are all symptoms of tooth pulp infection. If you are in Singapore, a root canal singapore can save and repair your tooth. Scroll down to know more about the root canal and its treatment.

root canal singapore

Root Canal Singapore – An Introduction To Root Canal And Its Treatment

The inflamed or infected pulp is removed during this dental procedure. The inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected before being filled and sealed with a sterile rubber filling to prevent discomfort and infection. A pulp tissue lies beneath the white enamel and dentin of your tooth. Because the tooth continues to be supplied by the tissues around it, a fully grown tooth can survive without the pulp.

A root canal treatment is a popular endodontic therapy for healing infected or decaying teeth. This procedure can assist patients to avoid having their teeth pulled by alleviating discomfort and restoring the tooth’s health. A root canal singapore technique involves removing infected pulp tissue and disinfecting the tooth canals before sealing the region with a dental filling. Patients can anticipate their treated tooth to recover and function normally after root canal therapy.

Root Canal Singapore – Few Root Canal Treatment Clinics In Singapore


  1. Smileworks: Smileworks is a dental clinic that provides a wide range of dental services to patients of all ages. Smileworks in Singapore takes an iterative approach to endodontic treatment. At each stage, the tooth will be checked and reviewed to achieve the best possible outcome.
  1. i. Dental:i.Dental provides painless dental services with many years of experience. The root canal treatment in Singapore is carried out with great care to ensure that the procedure is painless. Anesthesia is used to medicate the area around the damaged tooth. This reduces any discomfort so that you don’t feel the pain.
  1. Ashford Dental Center: The dentists at Ashford Dental center have a combined experience of many years in private practice. They exclusively use auto-rotation files from Germany to clean and sterilize the tooth during  root canal therapy. They never reuse any of their files, even for the same patient. Patients commend their root canal treatment to their professional dentists who will walk them through the steps and explain what they are going through during their root canal treatment.