Once you opt for your own house, the entire responsibility of beautifying and glorifying our dream house is bestowed upon you. Generally new house owners are pretty much excited regarding their new home and so they spend a lot in buying stuffs which may fill their home from empty spaces and make it look more bigger but the most appropriate and major element in the beautification process is the right paint and of course the right color for your dream home.

Colors are the major element in your new home. It can soothen a vexed mind or can also make you feel frustrated. Picking the best colour and in right shade can let fresh air breath in to your house, refreshing yourself from all the trouble and hardships.

Painting your house with new and innovative way is the smart way to add glory to your new home. There are varieties of paints available in the market matching your taste and preferences either of oil or Latex. Now what’s latex? Latex paints are the most preferred paint to be used because it’s convenient to use and is also durable and lasts for a long period. The biggest advantage of this kind of paint is its fade resisting power and the kind of oil it holds which makes less blistering of paints. Latex paints are most recommended paints for households because of its varied uses.

You may get confused about what kind of paint you must choose for your house, but one important thing you must keep in mind is the more glossier your paint is, the easier it is to clean up and it can be a blessing for you if you have kids in your home who are very passionate about showing their artistic skills on walls. Opting for gloss sheen for walls of Kitchen or playroom can assist you in removing blemishes and imperfections easily. High gloss can also give finished look.

Semi- gloss kind of paint can be ideal for your kitchens and bathrooms as they are wash resistant and have lesser shine than the gloss. Another important thing is if your walls are dull and have a lot of imperfection, you can go for a flat or matte paint to add extra brightness to the walls and recover from the odd of your walls and after than you can apply some shades to brighten the walls.

Now when you have decided the kind of paint you will apply on your walls, choosing the right shade is equally important and so grab the opportunity to scroll down on the hundred of colors from the brochures or take help of your local paint store to select from the numerous color schemes.

Colors on the walls depict your taste and persona. It reflects your instinct and so various colors on your walls can also affect your mood. Colors like green, blue and purple make the room look smaller while you can feel the warmth and comfort with colors like red, yellow, pink, peach or buttery yellow. Similarly if you want to feel the tranquility and soothen your minds apply light shades such as blue in your bedroom.

Contracting colors on walls with two to three different shades an also make your walls look more elegant and stylish. So gear up and hold your painting brush and rolls to colour your world with your imagination.