The division of sports fat burners into types is conditional. Usually, preparations contain several active components at once, which have a synergistic principle of operation. Phenq pills website are many but choose the genuine one for good results. Some of them suppress appetite, others increase body temperature and increase sweating:

Thermogenics: Accelerate metabolism by increasing body temperature and activating the central nervous system. They have a large list of contraindications and side effects irritability, sweating, and tachycardia. Often close to amphetamines in terms of molecular structure and mechanism of action.

Appetite suppressants: Most of the supplements that fall into this category of fat burners are, It must be understood that there are no drugs that significantly reduce the level of appetite, but do not affect other metabolic characteristics.

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Diuretics:  Like other laxatives, diuretics stimulate intestinal motility and inhibit water reabsorption. The result is a temporary weight loss and numbers on the scales due to a decrease in the amount of fluid in the body. Typical side effects are diarrhoea and excessive sweating.

Calorie blockers:  In theory, such fat burners should interfere with the absorption of food nutrients, helping to reduce the calorie content of the diet – for example, turmeric. However, in practice, their effectiveness is low – except for pharmaceutical preparations that impair the absorption of fats during digestion.

Means for improving metabolism: they can reduce weight and show fat burning efficiency only in case of impaired metabolism, normalizing it. They represent a large category of various substances – from L-carnitine to drugs for the normalization of the thyroid gland and vitamins.

New generation fat burners

If the principle of operation of “classic” fat burners is based on the activation of the central nervous system, an increase in heart rate and increased sweating which, in theory, helps to burn more calories,  then the latest generation drugs are trying to influence the hormones of hunger and satiety. In particular, we are talking about the impact on ghrelin and leptin – obese people often have resistance to leptin which negatively affects the mechanisms of satiety and provokes overeating.

Theoretically, reducing ghrelin levels by taking a certain drug should turn off the mechanisms of hunger formation – preventing overeating. But in practice, this can lead to increased sensitivity to the hormone – provoking long-term negative consequences.