There are countless options when picking which English institution to apply for English classes. However, one would want to ensure they are getting the most value for one’s money, time, and effort. If one does a fast internet search for English classes or courses in Singapore, they will probably find many alternatives. So, how can someone choose the best school to attend? Here are some tips for choosing a private english class for foreigners and locals.

Structure of the course

It certainly sounds appealing to consider learning to communicate in a foreign tongue. Starting is thrilling, so one can set a deadline for completing one’s objective. The company might want to know, for example, when one is competent enough to interact with English-speaking clientele on their own, particularly if they are studying for business purposes.

A carefully thought-out curriculum establishes goals for what one can do after several months of instruction. They will have a better concept of what to expect and a better notion of when one will be able to communicate fluently and confidently in English in Singapore. It is possible only if one knows the lesson plan and time commitment.

private english class for foreigners

Class or batch size

As one reduces their list of possibilities, keep in mind the class size and try to find a time that works for one’s particular schedule. One can be confident that the classroom experience will be more favorable with smaller classes, for example, and that there will be enough time to ask the teacher-specific questions. Instead, one can choose private lessons if they fit their budget.

Class culture

In light of this, having a culture focused on the community can also help students have the best learning experiences. It gives a sense of belonging; a supportive school climate can motivate one to work more and participate more actively in class discussions. Additionally, one will feel safe approaching the lecturers and fellow students for assistance if they run into problems along the road.


After conducting the required research, don’t forget to look for student reviews to ensure one is selecting the best option for themselves. It will give an idea of the school’s excellence in English instruction and give one confidence that it is the place for them based on the experience of past and present students.

So, these tips will ensure one will reach the best private english class for foreigners and locals.