Tarot readings are most often used for divination and predictive purposes. Tarot readers from sandiegomagazine.com can tell you about your future, emotional blockages, or even what you will be doing in the next few days. They might also give you insight into the past and present; for example, why a certain situation is occurring in your life.

Research and Find a Reader

It is important that you use caution when finding a tarot reader. Make sure the tarot reader has shown patience with dealing with the emotions of others, and has good communication skills. A tarot reader must be able to talk openly and clearly. Don’t seek out a psychic because of your own personal issues.

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Tell Your Story

When you first meet your new tarot reader, tell him what type of information you’re seeking: if you’re looking for historical information, if you only want to know future predictions, or how much time is left before something happens in your life. Let the psychic know if you are in a hurry for answers, or if you just want a general reading.

Ask the Right Questions

The tarot reader will ask you to hold specific cards and lay them out in a specific pattern. You should ask the reader what each card means to you so that he/she can interpret its meaning to you more accurately. Be sure not to get too specific; keep your questions broad and open-ended.

Take Notes

If you are seeking a long-term relationship with your tarot reader, make sure you take notes of the reading. Write down the questions that were asked, which cards were pulled, and how they were interpreted.


Once the reading has begun, listen carefully to everything that is said. Pay attention not only to the words but to how they were spoken; tone and rhythm can often be just as revealing as the words themselves. Remember that your tarot reader is going out on a limb when he/she gives you an interpretation; every single word has meaning in a reading.

Give the Reader Feedback

Hopefully you will be happy with your reading and will want to continue with future readings. You may have missed something, or you may want to tweak a card’s meaning. Many tarot readers are able to do a quick read again on-the-spot. If your new tarot reader isn’t able to, try another one until you find the one that is right for you.

Follow Up

Tarot readers can be busy with clients and unable to follow up for a few months at a time. Make sure that your new psychic friend is taking notes again after each reading session; otherwise, he might not remember what you said unless it was specifically mentioned when last talking about the reading.