Screen enclosures aren’t one-size-fits-all; they can be as simple or ornate as you desire, and they come in an amazing array of sizes. A custom structure can easily be designed to complement the style of your home, creating an attractive addition with aesthetic appeal.

A terrace covering is generally referred to as construction that covers the terrace consisting of rafters, columns, gutter, foundations and roof covering. The design for which the patio roof was known is the pent roof. Here the screen enclosures in Ashland, VA roof is screwed directly into the house wall and only stands on two supports at the front. If a connection to the house wall is not possible or if the patio roof is not to be placed directly on the house, then the free-standing or stand-alone design is chosen. Most of the patio roof stands on supports at the front and back.

Furthermore, special shapes are depending on requirements. For example, the terrace covering around the corner or with an offset. It can also be installed on a bay window. On the front, there is the possibility of constructing the terrace covering with a roof overhang.

Terrace coverings are available in different materials. The most commonly used are wood, steel and aluminium. We made a conscious decision to use aluminium. There are decided advantages to be found here. Steel is far too heavy for private patio coverings and patio coverings made of aluminium are, compared to wood, easier to care for and more durable. The sizes of the patio coverings vary depending on the type of construction. The maximum size always depends on the number of supports and the distance between supports.

Many people build up to a depth of 4.5m. In theory, there is no limit to the width. However, one must note that the maximum distance between two supports is 3m. If a greater distance is to be achieved, either an iron core must be inserted into the aluminium support or so-called static support is used. This means that distances of up to 7m can be achieved.

Terrace coverings can be installed by yourself or by a professional installation team. Few companies manufacture individually on customer request, which is why we only offer our patio coverings with assembly. Roof shading is also very popular. This is attached over the roof covering and has the advantage that the sun’s rays are caught early and therefore no high temperatures arise under the roof. We offer vertical awnings for lateral sun protection.