There are plenty of options available nowadays in water pipes and bongs. How will you know which is the best one for you to choose from? Smoking is a kind of personal experience and must be modified to suits your needs and offer you an amazing experience. What you’re looking for may depend upon your experience level, outcome you want to achieve as well as setting where you are making use of your latest bong collection. There are many factors that you need to consider, including material it’s made from, shape, size, and its design.

What’re Bongs/Water Pipes?

Rolling a joint still is one popular method for a lot of users to enjoy smoking. But, for the users who do not mind investing money for the efficient and convenient way of smoking, Bongs or Water Pipes are the best option.

Water Pipes and Bongs are an interchangeable term. Normal smoking make it simple to smoke herbs just by applying this product in a bowl, lighting, and allowing this to work their way through stem, and inhaling through mouthpiece. One best thing about this technique is it cuts down on the time spent rolling, however many users can tell you, it offers much better hits.

Bong to Enjoy Smoking


What’re Water Pipes

Bongs or Water Pipes are quite beneficial since they filter the smoke through water that is then carried in a base. Not just does this water help to remove any unwanted toxins or impurities, but also cools down this smoke so you will get smooth hit every time. Thus, most of the users will end up upgrading from the pipes or joints to Bongs for an amazing smoking experience.

There’re many different kinds of bongs that will suit all types of users. Most of them are affordable and simple, made for use at your home for people who want the convenient and quick way of smoking. Some also come with colorful and interesting designs that will spice the things up. You will find the portable mini bongs that you may carry and use it on a go. Whichever type of bong fits you, it is worth to get one.

If you had to make one choice when buying new bong or water pipe is what kind of material that you want to smoke from. Every material affects its smoke differently. For instance:

Most of the time glass is favored as it has the clean and pure taste and it doesn’t flavor smoke. Build-up of resin is simple to see in the glass bong and simple to clean. Whereas glass bongs & water pipes are a bit more expensive, usually they are the better choice.