As an authority WhatsApp Business Solution Partner, they offer a correspondence stage that coordinates WhatsApp Business Solutions to take your client service, deals, and showcasing in Singapore and past to a higher level. Moobidesk will direct you through the whole WhatsApp onboarding cycle, and assist you with getting your record checked by WhatsApp. Their whatsapp solution api is one of the best.

WhatsApp Business API

Moobidesk Features

  • Easy to Utilize WhatsApp Business API – Consistent WhatsApp reconciliation to your own applications, destinations, or frameworks to send and get instant messages, pictures, sound, connections, and emoticons in Singapore and across the globe.
  • Fast Messaging – Influence WhatsApp Business API to send WhatsApp alarms and notices dependably to impart and offer extraordinary help to your clients.
  • Multi-Agent Support – Client questions, solicitations, or criticism sent through WhatsApp can be overseen and dealt with by a few specialists simultaneously.
  • AI-Powered Chatbots – Use chatbots to answer client questions naturally and cut client support above costs. Mechanize replies to dreary inquiries and let your group centre around additional significant undertakings.
  • Secure Messaging – Discuss safely with your clients utilizing WhatsApp Business API’s dependable start-to-finish encryption which guarantees messages are transformed into a mystery message and decoded simply by their last beneficiary.
  • Examination and Reporting – Acquire knowledge into your group’s presentation and utilize the measurements to expect client needs and increment fulfilment through our intelligent dashboard.

Advantages of Moobidesk WhatsApp Business Solution in Singapore

  • Drive High-Level Customer Experience – Having a thorough comprehension of your client is critical to making extraordinary client encounters. With Moobidesk’s WhatsApp Business API, your representatives will acquire admittance to client profiles and inclinations, for example, their buy history, favoured flight seating, or on the other hand on the off chance that they go by Bella rather than Isabella.
  • Speed up your Team’s Productivity – With Moobidesk’s WhatsApp deal arrangement, a few specialists can now effectively deal with different, concurrent visits immediately, and heighten talks to a boss at whatever point they need further help. This is not normal for WhatsApp web where just a single specialist can serve clients at some random time.


Indeed, even the most refined bot will ultimately experience a perplexing issue it can’t settle. Moobidesk’s WhatsApp Business Solution uses the bot + human mixture to engage your client care in Singapore and abroad to lessen client aftermaths and reaction time. WhatsApp messages are shrewdly and flawlessly directed to the right specialist when the bot experiences an issue.