Rioja is a wine made in Spain, which is made from grapes and subdivided into three zones:

  • Rioja Alta
  • Rioja Oriental
  • Rioja Alavesa

Rioja wine is a type of red wine. It is made from Tempranillo grapes, which sometimes Graciano, Garnacha, and Marzullo grapes are used. The Tempranillo is known for its structure, savory taste, and tannins, notably fruitier. You can buy Rioja wine online at the most affordable and discounted price.

Is the wine sweet or dry?

Spanish Rioja has a less dry and slightly sweeter experience for most. The acidity is high, but varieties offer lower tannins and low acids. Rioja is an amazing wine that tastes like a mature Gran Reserva in the presence of sublime, and something that ages and red wine around the world. Rioja is a heavy wine that can be medium to full-bodied.

The red wine is flavor-rich in dark berries, herbs, tobacco, and plum and has high tannins. The blend of grape varieties creates the unique flavor of this wine to add fruitiness. Rioja is similar to Cabernet Sauvignon. If you are a fan of this wine, you might be a fruity lover. The fruity character of the wine is perfect for drinkers looking for the dominant cherry flavor often present in wines.

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Different styles of Rioja

Rioja splits into four levels of classifications. Each classification indicates the time stored or fermented in oak and labeled on the bottle once ready. These four classifications of Rioja wines are:

  • Generico. It is a Rioja that was previously called Joven, a basic form of wine that guarantees the origin and vintage. It has no minimum aging requirements and is also sold in the first or second year after harvest. About 40% of Rioja wines are under this category and are very youthful and fruity, of course, with fresh acidity.
  • Crianza. A Rioja wine that spent one year in the oak. From the removal from the barrel, the wine will be stored for another few months in the bottle. The level of Rioja wine is available and very much affordable. It is usually offered at $15 in the retail price of lesser. It is a fuller-bodied red wine compared to the Generico.
  • Reserva. It is made from the best grapes harvested and produced within the years considered to have a good growing season. The wine must age at least three years in oak and rest in a bottle. The wine shows signs of aging with dominant notes of dried fruit and cigar box and subtle fresh fruit characteristics.
  • Gran Reserva. It is made in years with exceptional growing seasons and contains the highest quality of grapes. It is aged for at least two years in oak and spent three more years in the bottle.

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