Before you know why you have to visit a church, you must understand why other people are not going to the church. Everyone grew up where people go to church on Saturdays or Sundays. There are scenarios where parents or caretakers will send their children to the church even if they will not attend because that is how it was. Maybe you are growing up in the same environment. But there are many things you can do during the weekend and how will you spend it? Attending church can give you spiritual, physical, and emotional benefits. These are the reasons why you need to visit  Planetshakers Melbourne church.

Lessen your stress

When you go to a church daily, it gives you good mental health. You will feel you have lesser fears, anxiety, and worries. It is not because people attending the church are not suffering from these things. But they learn how to focus on a good reason why they have to attend church.


Many people go to church. When you attend, you can make friends, and you will find mentors and same minded people to hang out with.

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Corporate worship

You know salvation is individual, worship is communal, and these benefits from worshiping others. God is putting everyone in the same community because God knows that is the best way to boost your faith.


When you are part of the church, it gives you the chance to use it as a gift. When you become a church member, God gives you a spiritual advantage. Your church needs the gift of God that has given to you.

Introduce children to God

The church is the best way to present children to the love of God. Many people think that children don’t understand what is taught inside the church. But there are children with faith that lead members of their families to know God.


There are times that during your journey, you feel like giving up. When talking to your friends, they can help you walk away from God. However, there are times that it doesn’t make sense, but you will understand how it touches your life in the end.

Foundation for leadership

When you are always going to church, it is your best place to learn leadership skills and practice what you learn inside the church. Some congregations allow you to experience the service that helps you develop skills.

Give a chance to serve the community.

Service is one of the church’s values that needs to learn by people. You are being called to be a witness of Christ, and it includes helping people around you. The church is where you can be with the people and help them.

Teach you how to love

One of the best benefits of going to a church is knowing how to love other people. Some people are uncomfortable doing it, but it is normal. However, when you are honest with yourself, you will think that the church had problems. All are sinful, broken, and say things that are not good. But when you are spending more time with the people and with God, you will learn how to love them.